City Council should NOT use immigration as a reason for poor primary school results!


What’s this to do with?

A recent article in the Peterborough Telegraph, reported that a recipient of a ‘Literacy Hero’ award by the National Literacy Trust, Richard O’Neill, had said the “…council should not use high levels of immigration as a reason for it having the second worst results from pupils leaving primary school.”

His comments came in response to Peterborough’s terrible SATS results.

My thoughts are ……

I myself have no doubt that senior Tory councillors, and some well paid officers at the Town Hall, use the issue of immigration as an excuse for a whole range of things.

  • If it’s to do with a lack of housing, it’s not their failure to build homes or the fact they sold off the council houses, it’s the fault of the immigrants!
  • If it’s to do with a lack of school places, it’s nothing to do with the Tories closing down schools like Bretton Woods etc it’s the fault of the immigrants!
  • If it’s to do with a lack of decent jobs in our city, it’s not the Tories failure to attract decent employers, it’s the fault of the immigrants!

Given the Tories have been running the City Council since the year 2000, I think local people are starting to realise that they have failed to do the job required of them!

Also, for the record, I have seen first hand, via official Council committee reports, that immigration has in fact improved the standards of mathematics in our city.

But you’ll never see a press release from the Tory controlled City Council on this type of thing!

Don’t forget….!

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